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Quick Rules

Ads that are posted on must follow the rules given:

  1. All ads must be posted in the right category.
  2. Do not repost the ad or do not post the same ad within 7 days of posting the ad.
  3. No watermarked pictures are allowed for upload.
  4. Do not post multiple ads within the same ad.
  5. Do not post your email id or phone number in the title or description.
  6. Do not post an ad with invalid email id or password.
  7. Do not post ads that are irrelevant.
  8. Do not post any offer that are unrealistic.
  9. Do not post any offensive language or offensive images.
  10. Do not post a title or description that is unrelated to what is advertised.
  11. Do not post pictures that does not clearly match or clearly show what is advertised.
  12. Do not post text in the first picture.
  13. Do not post a non-specific advertisement.
  14. Do not post any URL that is irrelevant to the advertisement.
  15. Requests and offers for services or items in the same advertisement.