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    It is very easy and quick to post an ad on You just need to click the ‘post your ad’ button and then follow the simple instructions. In case you are not logged in, then you need to login as a first step towards posting the ad. The ad will be live once approved.
    You can go to settings under your profile. Click my ads. There the active and deactivated ads will be displayed. You can click on the active ads and then click deactivate ads.
    You can go to the settings under your profile. Click my ads. There active and deactivated ads will be displayed. You can click on the active ads and if you want to edit then click edit button.
    The ad then becomes inactive and then admin can approve the pending ads. Once approved the ad will be live.
    To set up a new password please go to settings page and enter new password.
    If you have created an account via Facebook for sign up, then you will not need a password to login.
    The ads are displayed for a period of 30 days.
    Your ad may not be live due to certain reasons like
  1. Not following the rules.
  2. Ad still in review.
    All the advertisements are manually reviewed. If it does not follow the rules for posting, then it will be rejected.
    You may contact us directly.
    If you have not heard from us regarding the advertisement posted, then you may contact us now.
    Ads that are posted on must follow the rules given:
  1. All ads must be posted in the right category.
  2. Do not repost the ad or do not post the same ad within 7 days of posting the ad.
  3. No watermarked pictures are allowed for upload.
  4. Do not post multiple ads within the same ad.
  5. Do not post your email id or phone number in the title or description.
  6. Do not post an ad with invalid email id or password.
  7. Do not post ads that are irrelevant.
  8. Do not post any offer that are unrealistic.
  9. Do not post any offensive language or offensive images.
  10. Do not post a title or description that is unrelated to what is advertised.
  11. Do not post pictures that does not clearly match or clearly show what is advertised.
  12. Do not post text in the first picture.
  13. Do not post a non-specific advertisement.
  14. Do not post any URL that is irrelevant to the advertisement.
  15. Requests and offers for services or items in the same advertisement.

    Simply click the sign up button and then follow the given instructions. You can sign up with an email address, Google or Facebook. Once signed up an email containing link will be sent for confirmation.

    In case you want to change the account details then just log into the account and go to settings page.

    Make sure that you have signed up for an account and make sure that correct email ID and password is entered.

    If you want to start the chat then click the chat button in the ad to start a conversation between the ad poster and you.

    To read the chat messages, click the chat icon at the top right corner and then reach the chats page.

    To learn more about Hit visit the Promote your ads page.

    Getting into a membership entitles you to a shop page. Hence if you need a shop page get a membership from us.