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Sell fast and quickly! Urgent tag is displayed along with the general ad to keep your ad highlighted and communicates the urgency to the potential buyers who look for a great deal. The urgent ads stand out from the rest of the ads by displaying an urgent tag. You may combine this with a bounce or hit to display the ad on top of general listings and gets more views 10 times greater. Buyers can find your ad easily by applying Urgent filter.


There are two spots reserved for the hit, above the general ad. If you add a hit promotion to your ad then, you get the chance of getting the ad displayed in this spot, where you will get 10 times more views.

  1. Hits are displayed clearly, and these ads are generally bigger than normal ads, marked clearly in yellow, and marked clearly as Hit
  2. Every hit has an equal chance of being shown in the hit spots
  3. On the most viewed pages, you get 1000s of extra special appearances every day up to 15 days.
Besides, promoting as a hit, your ad will also be displayed as a general ad. Hence you will have the chance of adding bounce promotion to your general ad.


The bounce promotion will promote your ad to the top of the general ads once a day for you chosen days. This is similar to daily ad reposting, but it is automatic and attracts 5 times more views.
Ads displayed with bounce receive a higher ranking once a day, to get more views to your ad at no extra effort.
Ads get displayed once a day in the higher-ranked position. Ads move down as usual until the next bounce, and the process continues for your chosen days.


Super is a premium spot on You can get the attention of buyers. To get the maximum benefit out of the ad, display nice looking images.These ads are pleasant, have a clean design, and big images to attract viewers.
Each Super gets an equal chance of display in the premium spot, and 5 ads displayed to every user.
In addition to Super, the ad is posted as a general ad so that you may add other additional promotions to the regular ads.